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. . .(would have to put some kind of restriction on the distance they could go with their mobile emitters so they don't escape, of course).
That's easy. If they're only confined to your house and property, just have standard emitters. If they're using mobile emitters (for shopping errands, etc.), then your vehicle has a transmitter that keeps them from going beyond X meters.
I live in an apartment and the garbage bin is downstairs in the back parking lot. I suppose I could have one just to take out the garbage and that one's mobile emitter could have a farther range than the one that stays strictly indoors.

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How many do you think one person would need? Would a well off family have one for each person? Would it be like that rich kid who got the Ipod when they were 8, having your own EMH slave?
I'd need two, since there are times when two would be needed for things like hauling furniture or doing errands in different places at the same time.
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