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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"


You'll find out who in this passage.

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Shuttlesworth

“My gods,” Captain Ottah muttered, his body trembling as ship’s sensors brought the attacking ships into view. A flotilla of venomous green dagger-like ships cut through space toward the Kothlis’Ka.

“What is it Captain?” Lt. Commander M’Reah asked, perched on the edge of her seat. The perceptive Caitian next asked, “You know whose ships those are?”

“It’s something that I could never forget,” Ottah replied, more to himself than his first officer.

“Who are they?” M’Reah asked after a respectful few moments. The question finally pried the Edoan’s eyes from the screen.

“The Chakuun,” Ottah coldly answered. “The shock troops of the Tholian Assembly,” he added.

“I thought they were a myth,” Lt. Zaiden interjected.

“No, they are very real,” Ottah shook his head and tsked. “What are they teaching at the Academy these days?”

Zaiden was at loss for words. M’Reah threw the man a preserver. “Captain Ottah saw action against the Tholians during their expansionist programs.”

“That was over a century ago,” the Acamarian security officer replied in wonderment.

“My climb up the ladder was a tad slow,” Ottah gave a quick smile before his expression clouded. “I was a yeoman aboard the Carpenter at the time. We were one of the first ships to respond to the Tholian attack on the New Milan colony. We didn’t get there in time,” he paused, and lowered his head, the failure still stinging.

“We couldn’t do much to protect the colony but my captain was determined to make the Tholians pay. She ordered our ship on a pursuit course.”

“Like many aboard the ship, I was livid and wanted payback cloaked in the guise of justice as well,” Ottah admitted. “We thundered after the Tholians, but what we found instead were the Chakuun…and their ghost ships.” He pointed at the main viewer. “It looks like the design hasn’t changed in over a hundred years.”

“What happened sir, when you faced them?” The eager Junior Lieutenant Calder couldn’t help but interject.

Ottah shook his head again and looked sadly at the bright-eyed redhead. “The Carpenter was lost, destroyed by the ghost ships and their fusion casters. Captain Lawton was one of the casualties.” Shocked gasps and deepened, contemplative silence followed Ottah’s revelation.

“My grasp on history might be a little shaky, but I do remember ships, and Carpenter was a Constitution,” Zaiden said. “It would take quite a lot to destroy one of the Connies.”

“You are correct Mr. Zaiden,” Ottah said, “and the Chakuun armaments were more than adequate.”

“I wonder how they will fare against the Kothlis’Ka?” M’Reah asked the question everyone had to be thinking.

“I have no doubt the Chakuun will soon put on a demonstration,” Ottah stated.
************************************************** ***************
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