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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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Honestly, I do truly believe that this decision was made by people that hate TV/physical media, and I do think the chances of people without netflix ever seeing the shows are 50/50 at best. It is probably Disney/Marvel's decision, not something netflix decides, but it seems like something people in charge would do because, traditionally, those people are fairly stupid.
Your statements continue to confuse. What we're all trying to understand is why do you feel this way after being shown that dvd release of pay tv programming is standard practice and has been for years.
Are you getting hung up on the streaming aspect of Netflix' delivery, vs ordinary cable? Many people do. Netflix' Streaming service, is simply put, a pay television service no different than HBO or Showtime...with the only difference is that Netflix does not program a schedule. Other than that, it acquires content, and operates in exactly the same way as a cable based pay service.

I get why people like netflix, and why its popular. Like i've said, if it wasn't so inconvenient to try to use and borderline impossible for people like my family to pay for, I'd love to have it.
It seems the more we try to show you that it isn't inconvenient or complicated to obtain, the more you convince yourself that it is and impossible for you to have...If you can buy a money order to pay a bill, you can buy a prepaid debit card (basically a plastic re-loadable money order) to pay an online bill. Easy peasy...

But, I do think its a jerk thing to do and that TV would still be the better place for Marvel live action products. I also still say that I want something to happen to prove to Marvel that TV is the way to go with the shows, and that I think the quality of these shows is probably not going to be very high. I won't be sad if they fail and stop the Marvel netflix stuff, but if they do happen to be good, all I can do is hope for some DVDs. I do want shows with Daredevil, Luke cage, etc to be done well and work, but I don't want the netflix shows to set a precedent and make it so Marvel characters are never tried on TV.
Was it a jerk move for MGM to sell Stargate SG1 to Showtime, where is ran for 5 years on a season exclusive basis, beyond the reach of non SHO subscribers, who had to wait a year to see the past season sold into syndication to local tv stations? And it didn't run in every city in the country, so those who lived in area where no station bought it, missed out until the dvds were released. Did that derail the production of other series, or discourage others from being made?
Just honestly trying to figure out where this all comes from, and try and help you see that there's nothing to fear or worry yourself over.
It doesn't really matter. I didn't mean to make a big thing about my frustration and dislike of the way netflix works, or my thoughts on companies who would use the service for original content. My opinion is going to stay the same. I'll stay doubtful that there will ever be a legal way for non netflix people to see the shows, and I'll still hope something happens to discourage Marvel/Disney from using netflix for more original content. At this point discussing that stuff is just taking way too much of this thread up from people who are excited to get the shows and talk about them.
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