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Re: Hit a dog on hwy...

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Nice job killing a dog.
Remember that old adage about "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all"? This is about as far to the polar opposite of something nice as you can get.

Infraction issued for trolling. Comments to PM

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SmoothieX wrote: View Post
Nice job killing a dog.
Go **** ********
While I understand the desire to tell someone off when you think they are making an *** out of themselves, this really doesn't help matters. See that little notify icon under his location in the left hand column? When you see something like this, please use that link to notify on the post and let 4th Hanson Bro, Locutus of Bored, or myself handle it.

Handling things this way just gives the troll what they want....attention and the possibility of drawing out an infraction for you.

CaptainJack wrote: View Post
Trust me, if I could bring the dog back I would. And I feel bad for having to go after this person . But they have already made it clear they don't intend to pay anything. Even when the police report says it's their fault.
Thank you for all the replies... We'll most...
CaptainJack, as others have said, the best thing for you to do at this point is to go through your insurance company. Give them a copy of the police report and let them handle getting the money out of these people. They've already shown that they are irresponsible by failing to control their dog. What makes you think that they are suddenly going to do a 180 and do the responsible thing in paying for your car's damages? This isn't your fault. The damage was caused by the dog, and last I heard, the dog owner is responsible for paying for the damages caused by the dog. Also, local leash laws should also point the finger of liability at them.
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