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Re: Technological Stagnation

Police have access to the next best thing - Tasers which essentially do the same as a phaser set on, "stun."
A phaser is guaranteed to stun a person, and has different stun settings. Usually a stunned person will stay down for a few mins at least. Also you can spray phaser a whole crowd and stun them all if necessary. That would be an awesome defense strategy if, let’s say, a group of 8 thugs was ganging up on you.

IMO though, the best part of it is the fact that you might be able to stop people from ganging up on you simply by firing a warning shot in their direction (I’m sure people who are not hopped up on drugs would definitely be intimidated by a motherfuckin’ beam of light being fired in their direction)

A taser has to be aimed properly, you only get to shoot it at one person at a time, it has no intimidation value at all, since it’s just a couple of wires with dart probes, and thick clothing is likely to completely negate the effects of it. Also if a person is high on some crazy shit, it’s not likely to take them down at all.

Boeing is supposidly working on anti-gravity technology for the US Defense Department. The flying car isn't happening until any such tech is not only declassified but also introduced comercially.
That’s pretty cool. Working anti-gravity technology is the key to make flying personal vehicles commercially viable.

If there were as many private helicopters and planes as there are cars, helicopters and planes would not be safe anymore. Even with fancy antigravity technology. You simply can't have flying things in city streets. If things go wrong, you have cars crashing into the 50th floor of a building, or dropping straight on the ground on people from 200 meters.
I don’t disagree. It will be a tough thing to setup safety wise, even if the technology is possible.
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