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Re: Hit a dog on hwy...

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Yeah, if the homeowner is refusing to cooperate, let your insurance company handle it. If they can't get the info from him, they'll sic their attorneys on him.
About the only worthwhile advice. ^

Plus talk to an attorney on your own. Push comes to shove, and he's uninsured or his policies don't cover what happen you might be able to get a lien on his bank account or his home till he pays up.

Couple years ago, my mother (with me, the wife, and the kids) was hit by a horse that had deliberately been let out of it's coral by the owner. (long story short: He didn't want the horse anymore, and rather than sell it or give it away, he let it go free). He denied, denied, denied, and then claimed my mother had been drinking and ran into the coral (which was a mile and a bit and up a hill from the accident and false to begin with), then claimed it was the fault of his kid, then the neighbor, then it was "he was out of town and the horse jumped must of have jumped the fence".

Took our insurance company and my mother's lawyer to get the fucker into court after nearly a year of him dodging phone calls, certified letters, and process servers. He even went as far as trying to get a job in another state to avoid being served.
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