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After they demoted Paris, then promoted him again, Harry said something like "where's my extra pip?" *crickets*... And I just recently watched "Nightingale," which would have been a perfect time to promote the guy. But nope.

I also thought it was hilarious listening to the podcast I posted in an earlier thread when Wang said he did impressions and he thought they should have used them for comedy in the series but never did...and then there was the episode where the Barclay hologram did his impression of Janeway with Kim standing right behind him. Obviously that was overdubbed, but still. I bet Wang was thinking "man, this is what I wanted to do!" And then they let Seven do her best impression of "The Doctor" in "Body and Soul" (which I loved by the way)! But poor Ensign Wang doesn't get to do his impressions except at Trek conventions. I mean I don't really care for his character at all, nor the actor's performance, so it doesn't really matter to me. But...poor guy.
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