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Re: Could Fury have worked with a rewrite?

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SFDebris had a good suggestion in his review of Fury... instead of having Kes just go crazy because she can. Have the Borg had noticed her mental superness since they were in Borg Space during the Gift. Have them assimilate the Ocampa to try and get this mental power. Then suddenly Kes has a reason to be acting as she is and you have a story worth telling.
I see no reason why Kes should go crazy and act that way at all. The whole thing was totally out of character for her. She was probably the last one on that ship to go crazy.

as for a Borg scenario, seven would have been a more logic choice for becoming a victim of Borg scemes.
See, I never saw what Seven had to offer the Collective at all. Some sort of "unique" insight into humanity that Picard's assimilation(not to mention all the rest) somehow didn't? Them going after the Ocampa for mental abilities would make sense as that would bring something to the table. Maybe a scenario where she's covertly spying on them without knowing it, but even that runs into the flaw of... why does one little ship matter to them at all?

Even in this scenario, Kes might be using Voyager and manipulating them, but I don't think she'd go all mental rampage and blow all the stuff up. Especially kill Torres(though I think it would've been funny if she killed Seven instead... replace me will you! ). Just get on board, lie as to why she's there and travel back when no one is in engineering, then repeat her scheme to get Kes away so she never meets the Borg and her people are saved. This would actually create quite the moral dilemma for Janeway, when Kes if found out. The only problem is, for the writers anyways, it probably wouldn't be a quick hit of the reset button to fix this.
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