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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

@FrontierTrek, thanks a lot for the review!
The pictures look fantastic and from what is available it seems like most of TNG-R S05 will be a blast.

I'm disappointed in few areas, especially the replacement of the Darmok phaser shot with much more boring sequence. For me it seems it takes a lot out of that scene and is one of the occasions where SD is actually better. I can't understand why they didn't stay true to their original mission to preserve original shots when possible (the "fix" reasoning does not hold up with me, its a shortcut reusing older shot allright). Devidia also does not live up, seems like guys at CSB-D did take some shortcuts where possible.

Majority of stuff however looks superb, some of the VFX truly 2010+ feature film quality.

One small question:
what episode is this shot from? Looks magnificent.
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