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Re: PStewart confirms there was a Star Trek 'Avengers' script post Nem

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But would Riker, Troi, Bashir, Nog, Dax, Admiral Janeway and the B-4 be able to carry a motion picture feature?
There are others who've said they'd be willing to do more Star Trek and may have been in the picture. IIRC, Nana Visitor has said that she greatly enjoyed working on DS9 and would've been interested in a movie. Michael Dorn was wanting to move on after Nemesis but has recently said he'd be up for a TV series (hence the Captain Worf discussions that have popped up here). Stephen Collins has also said he'd be interested if there were a way to incorporate some of the TOS cast into a film. I won't talk about George Takei, who likely still believes a Captain Sulu TV series is a good idea.

Given how significantly most of these people have aged, I wonder if an animated film or TV series would be a better idea if someone decided to pursue this project. I've no interest in seeing Frakes strut around with his huge beer-gut, but I'd be okay with him voicing an animated Riker.

In any case, I think a large group could carry a film if there were at least one big-name star (like Stewart) to round out the cast, plus a guest-star who's also a big name. Ian McKellen's always been a great foil for Stewart as Magneto. I wonder if he'd do Star Trek if asked. I think he'd be a great Romulan, Vulcan, or Cardassian character.

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