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Yeah, but again, the ancestral divergence between humans and arachnids is MUCH more significant than humans and other mammals, or even reptiles in this case. If memory serves, spiders are descended from some kind of cambrian period arthropod.
Many species of monkeys have tails. Humans don't appear to. There's tons of five-limbed monkeys, yet humans only have four?! OMFG, how can this possibly be?! They're clearly related, yet five > four?!

Most mammals are covered head to toe with fur. Humans have very, very little. OMFG!

Dolphins are mammals, yet... they live in the water?! And have fins instead of arms and legs?!?! AHHHHH!!! MY BRAINZ!!!

Also, alien world with zero -- that's zip, nil, zilch, nada single bit -- of genetic information, evolutionary paths, or biological history available to the audience. Just a few random animals you assume to be closely related to the na'vi (no matter how wrong you are) from a tiny and completely insiginificant sampling of that alien world.
First off sunshine, calm down before you strain something.

Secondly, we *do* have vestigial tailbones along with a number of other vestigial organ structures. Just like dolphins have distinctly mammalian features, like for example lungs and a forward bending spine. Incidentally we have just as many hair follicles as our simian relatives, they just don't all grow as long any more. A species may be adapted for it's environment, but it's form of adaptation tells the story of how it got there.
Now while it's certainly possible that the Na'vi's forelimbs fused, I have a slightly harder time believing that a pair of eyes would just disappear leaving behind no vestige that they were ever there.

As for the lemur looking thing, I'm not assuming anything. I'm pretty sure the filmakers said it was designed specifically to try and bridge the anatomical gap between the Na'vi and the other Pandoran fauna. Do try and remember that we're talking about a fictional world, yes? If something is there, it's because it was designed that way and the filmakers have a reason for it being there, even if that reason is purely aesthetic.

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The Na'vi, or any other 4 limber, could have also came from the other planet in the system during a period of close orbit and unobtanium upheaval.
I'm not adverse to the idea, but it doesn't quite gel with what we see. As I've said already, it's not the differences that bug me, but the similarities. It's a bit of a paradox and I'm interested to see if Cameron takes it anywhere.

Just the very idea that human DNA could be successfully spiced with a Na'vi means that there's some very fundamental similarities that simply shouldn't exist between two species that evolved on separate planets. Put simply, we'd have a better chance of breeding with a tomato plant.

So either Cameron is going somewhere with this and it'll turn out Terran and Pandoran life share some common ancestry, or it's just made-up sci-fi mumbo jumbo and it doesn't mean anything. Probably the latter, but it's fun to speculate.
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