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Re: Maybe they should’ve used the Borg for Nemesis

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thats true. the borg shouldve been reserved for movies only after the success of FC..
That would've painted Voyager into a corner. As the ship was in the Delta Quadrant- a region of space the Borg were known to inhabit- it would not have made sense to exclude the Borg from television given that Voyager was in only its third season by the time FC was in theaters.

Nemesis would've been fine with Romulans as the primary antagonists. The production team screwed up by trying to shoe-horn in concepts from TWOK and TUC instead of giving the film its own identity. Of course, that may also have had something to do with hiring a director who knew almost nothing about the series.

My lasting memory of that person is a photo of him trying to explain something to Patrick Stewart, with the latter trying not to look mortified at how poorly the former understood whatever the scene was supposed to convey.

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