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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Love the Adipose! I hope we get a Hurt Doctor figure next year.
if we do i bet its in that awful three inch scale series.
That's why I like the 3.75-inch scale.

But if what's rumbling around at various websites about Doctor Who toys is true, the 5-inch scale is pretty much only going to be for periodic classic figures (classic companions & villains mostly), with the 3.75-inch scale for figures from this season of the show onwards (including the upcoming Twelfth Doctor figure).

Switching gears, now, I found an article over at which reported that action figures have been in steady decline in sales since 2009.

Basically, its attributing the decline to a number of factors: the lack of strong movie toylines over the years, a lack of advertising for action figures on TV and other media, and the considerable rise in popularity of non-action figure/interactive toys such as Skylanders and Infinity that are steadily taking up more and more space on retail store shelves.
Lutz Muller of wrote:
"According to NPD [Toy Market], retail sales of the Skylanders in the U.S. amounted to U.S.$500 million last year. If they had been included in toys rather than video games, they would have dwarfed every single one of Hasbro’s top selling Action Figures.

What is also interesting in this context is that Disney decided to paddle their Infinity boat by themselves rather than going their accustomed route of licensing the thing to Hasbro or Mattel. This did indeed raise a few eyebrows amongst the national Buyers at the major retailers who wonder whether this presages a change in the relationship between Disney and the leading toy companies.

In summary, the [big retail] buyers believe that the Action Figure category – buffeted by technological change, degradation of supporting media and eroding consumer interest – is not going to go back to the good old days. Yes, they think that movie-supported action figures will still sell but that the Skylanders and the Inifinitys of this world will be the decisive future drivers."
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