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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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That's all completely fair and a much more reasonable point then you were initially making. Netflix doesn't work for you, and there are lots of other people that Netflix doesn't work for either. I get that, and it stinks for people who want to watch these shows but aren't in a position to. But my overall point is, that's no different then many people who can't afford to pay for premium cable channels or just cable at all. You wouldn't make an argument that shows shouldn't be on cable for this reason. In fact, there are a growing amount of people who are financially strapped and choose to prioritize internet over cable, and for those people, Netflix is a cheaper option and they will actually be better served by this decision. You can't please everyone all the time, and that's just the way of the world.

My overall point here is had your reaction been more akin to "this stinks for me because I'd want to watch this and I can't because of my situation" rather than a rant against Marvel, Netflix and definitive statements like Netflix will never be able to do quality programming or the people who made this decision must be stupid or hate traditional media, then I think you would have gotten more people who agree with you and it would have facilitated some more productive discussion
I get what your saying. Honestly, I do truly believe that this decision was made by people that hate TV/physical media, and I do think the chances of people without netflix ever seeing the shows are 50/50 at best. It is probably Disney/Marvel's decision, not something netflix decides, but it seems like something people in charge would do because, traditionally, those people are fairly stupid. I get why people like netflix, and why its popular. Like i've said, if it wasn't so inconvenient to try to use and borderline impossible for people like my family to pay for, I'd love to have it.

But, I do think its a jerk thing to do and that TV would still be the better place for Marvel live action products. I also still say that I want something to happen to prove to Marvel that TV is the way to go with the shows, and that I think the quality of these shows is probably not going to be very high. I won't be sad if they fail and stop the Marvel netflix stuff, but if they do happen to be good, all I can do is hope for some DVDs. I do want shows with Daredevil, Luke cage, etc to be done well and work, but I don't want the netflix shows to set a precedent and make it so Marvel characters are never tried on TV. So, I'm really of two minds about it. On the one hand, I want awesome shows about characters I enjoy. In the other hand, if it makes it so that Marvel doesn't try anyone else on real tV, I'm not a fan. As much as I would legitimately enjoy Luke cage, Iron First, Daredevil and even Jessica Jones shows, if it stops Marvel from trying to make real TV shows, it just might not be worth it from my perspective.
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