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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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You can pay for cable with money orders, which you can get with cash at almost any grocery store of sufficient size or places like wal-mart. Once cable is set up, any TV in your house can access it easily (assuming its not a log cabin or isn't a decades old house that hasn't been updated since the 60s). You can have a 30 year old TV that you bought for $5 at a garage sale and it will almost certainly be able to use cable. You don't even need a remote control, you can manually switch between channels. Its very different from netflix, and is much more convenient and cheaper when it comes to equipment you need.

As for DVDs, its like I said. Why should I assume that shows distributed digitally first are made by people that don't hate physical media? People who really like digital stuff do tend to dislike/dismiss physical media.
You can pay for internet access and Netflix with a debit card (and you can do it for significantly cheaper than cable), which you can get linked to any checking account. So essentially your argument has boiled down to "Netflix isn't inclusive enough because it doesnt' cater to be people who don't use banks." There isn't a single argument that you're making that couldn't have been made by people by 30 years ago who only had standard television channels and didn't want to have to pay to watch original programming on cable.

It's also a massive generalization, entirely baseless, and pretty insulting to say that just because someone likes digital media, they most likely don't like physical media.
Its just an observation i've made. People with Ipods seem to hate CD's. People with kindles are dismissive of book readers. Digital people, a lot of the time, act like people who prefer physical media are cavemen and that their digital way of doing things is the best way. Obviously not everone is that way, in fact probably the majority aren't, but there are a lot of people like that.

Also, just checking online, many sites say that millions of people in the US don't have any kind of bank account, much less a checking account. I know my parents haven't used checks in years. Besides, its not just the fact that its extremely difficult to actually give Netflix your money. Its also that you have to invest a lot of money to be able to watch Netflix on anything but your computer. The whole service is, at best, super inconvenient if you're not already one of the super connected people who have a million things connected to the internet already. My family has a PS3, which is mine and my brothers and won't be used for any kind of viewing, and a computer that has to be shared by all four of us. Cable works fine in this situation and is far superior, for us, then netflix is or will ever be, even if we could pay for it.

I'm not trying to say my family isn't in the minority on this, but its a big minority. Anyway, I can't find concrete numbers, but I doubt Netflix is used by even 20% of the country. I think cable users still outnumber netflix users, and probably will for sometime. Which makes it weirder for me that Marvel isn't trying to use the media with the bigger audience.
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