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HurtDoctor's quote "Great men are born in fire, it is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame" is a very un-Doctor-y quote, so this incarnation is clearly radically different from his antecedents and successors. Was he just "born" that way, or was he coerced to be that way?
I think this is a mis-direction. i think we'll see that the great men he is referring to are 10 and 11... he is the lesser man lighting the flame to what The Doctor will become
Ugh, Moffat and his word play. Again.

Its like the sentence "Silence will Fall and the Pandorica will Open". The ordering of events is wrong. The Pandorica opened in roman times while the Silence fell in 1969 during the moon. So shouldn't prisoner zero have said "The Pandorica will open and Silence will Fall"?
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