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When TNG S4 came out the remastering of S5 was almost done (read it here somewhere). So when S6 comes out they should be at the end of S7. At that point a decision has to be made about DS9. They don't want the people involved in the TNG remastering to switch to new projects. They had five seasons of TNG to optimize the process. Remastering DS9 starts right after TNG or probably never.

So there should be some information about DS9 around March, I guess...
The pace of S6 and S7 will be a little slower that S3-S5. CBS wanted to release 3 season in 2013, but they only need to do 2 in 2014, so they have more time. Also, S5-S7 are all being handled by CBS-D, rather than outsourcing as was done in S2 and S4.

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Unrelated to the blurays, but these newly created (fan-made) HD DS9 clips posted to youtube make me drool...
While Tobias Richter undoubtedly is a fan of Star Trek, it seems there's more to it because his company The Light Works is the one that provided the CGI footage of the big E-D for the TNG remastering!
That's not quite true. While Tobias did create the original model, the actual CG rendering is done by the team at CBS-D (TrekCore made this pretty clear in their review of S5), and CBS-D ended up overhauling his model as well. Tobias has been doing these outstanding CG models for years and while they're very well done, I don't this we can assume or extrapolate anything about future CBS-D projects. I may be wrong, but my impression is he was more of a contractor; they bought his original CG model, but he's not really working on the inside.
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