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Re: Time changed... When will it end.

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I call bullshit on that.
Hmm, in this post I'm missing evidence for the "gentleman" bit in your sig. Just because you disagree you needn't be rude.
It's not a matter of disagreeing, it's a matter of lying. Disagreament means that both parts hold a reasonable position. Two months to deal with 1-hour shift? That doesn't pass the smell test. So I reserve my consideration for people who do not make stuff up to argue their point.
Except that scientific study has concluded that the human body never adjusts to The DST/ST shift...

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Data isn't going far enough.

No dst, no timezones.

One clock globally.

Fuck the sun.
I've called for a singular global time in the past. I like the idea, but it didn't fly in here.
If the human body won't ever adjust to DST I doubt it would ever adjust waking up at 1am to go to work everyday.
it's a just a number on a clock. It won't change the "time" the sun comes up, or you goto work, or anything else you do now. It just means the number is different.

Are you colder when it's 0 degrees C instead of 32 degrees F? Are you going faster at 80kph than at 50mph? Do you drink more water if you consume 3.79L instead of 1gallon?
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