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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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also seemed, to some degree, with The Bible he was giving them Last Rights, I also wonder if maybe this episode didn't make HIM lose hope a bit as he turned The Bible away at the end.
He's not losing hope--as in his faith; it appears he's was a bit overcome by the very thing he explained to Rick: they're always being tested. Hershel is still a man of faith, but being the only healthy adult (with any sort of medical knowledge) in the cell block, and finally watching the disease take its course/walker attack, he was hit by everything at once, knowing the Woodbury refugees in that cell were hopeless cases.

Having fought and survived this latest outbreak, he feels empowered (see: the exchange with Daryl), but I do not think he's given up on faith/the Bible as his guide to living in that world.
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