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Re: one of the best scenes...

Just a sort of "aside" remark, here ... I always hated Kirk's outfit in his Apartment Scene. It looked absurd, wearing his work pants and boots with what looks like some futuristic rendition of Hugh Heffner's smoking jacket. For a long time, I just couldn't get past it. Then, I realized, he wasn't expecting company. This was his "wear around the house" outfit, if you like - which adds even more believability to this sequence. How many of us would be shot on the street if we went out in public with what we find ourselves wearing "around the house"? Otherwise I hated McCoy's line down the center of his shirt, thing. It looked daft ... and was very distracting, as a result. The paisley ascot had to go, too ... what's his excuse, though? Just being old, I guess ... I don't know.
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