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Re: The Disaster in The Philippines (Super Typhoon Haiyan)

thanks for the information, JRS. My sister in law is Philippine and her family appear to be safe as well (we haven't heard of them yet but they live on Davao which didn't get hit that badly).

News over here said yesterday that a district capital got wiped out completely (I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch the name. It was on one of the southern islands. Possibly it was Tacloban). There are many thieves and looters

What really shocked me was an interview showing people being totally shocked that their houses were destroyed and that they were lucky to have escaped alife. I mean, really - the government warned them several days ahead of the storm and virtually begged everyone to go to the shelters. All radio stations issued warnings literally every 5 minutes on Friday, a full day before the storm came. That anyone can be so foolish as to ignore all of that and stay at home is really unbelievable.

I'm glad your friends and family are ok, JRS. Do you happen to know how long it might take for telephone and internet connections to the Philippines to be restored?
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