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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

Wow. I'll probably get chased off the board for saying this, but I loved the Archer character. He was probably the most human of the captains - not as cool as Shatner, maybe, but the most real, the most relatable. Watching Enterprise made me feel like it was us, in the future, not like DS9 or Voyager where every problem could be solved by gravometric neutrino flux fields.

Loved the dog. Loved the poor interspecies relations. Enterprise was a top show, easily the best Trek series of them all. Made me feel like if I hung around long enough I might see a ship like that in my old age. Not a bad feeling to have actually.

One question though. What's the deal with those Suliban? Were they making a TV series or a message for the middle east in that third season?
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