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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

That was a stirring post 2takes..

:: slow claps ::

(I'm taking the piss here..)

Most Trek meaningful wordy moments are awkward hamhanded events. Kirk got away with a lot more because Shatner is so theatrical and the man was all ego, he is charismatic no matter how ridiculous. Picard had a gravitas that particularly seduced the American audience (enamored with accents). Janeway had more inflection in a syllable or a hand wave than Archer managed to pump into a whole speech. But Sisko, he was as awkward as Archer IMO, but the material was always better.

I think Soval was sincere though. You have to remember the Archer he first met in Broken Bow, all threats and huff. His clapping may be his way of patting Archer on the head for coming so far, but I do think he had a genuine change of perspective as far as humans go over the years prior.

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