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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

Apparently, most of you are of the mind that Archer's speeches improved, as the seasons progressed. Perhaps this was the case. However, they continue to be overly long, much to Bakula's disservice. The content of these speeches never sounds sincere, rather, they are rather naked in their "inspirational" pandering.

His delivery of which is so conscious of their intended import ... that they invariably end up sounding as pretentious as they are and monotonous. Soval's awkward gesture at giving applause, yes, was designed to demonstrate that Archer had indeed delivered a successful speech, in this regard. And the set up simply wasn't going to allow for Soval to be alone in his applause, so that doesn't sell it for me. It rings false, I'm sorry. It simply does not "play."

Whilst I want to place all blame for this on Scott's doorstep, the direction shoulders much of the blame, itself. It always comes off as pompous pander, designed to run the clock and this UFP Begins speech is no exception. Being of the miniority opinion, in this ... has taken me by surprise.
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