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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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The only hatches on the saucer that are indicated in the published plans are the two airlock hatches on the forward underside of the saucer, the small personnel lift hatch on top near the front of the ship (where the leads egressed to walk to V'Ger's core), and the main gangway hatch on the port rim of the saucer (which had a gangway connecting it to the drydock frame while it was in dock).
That reminds me to bring up an observation I made.

In the film we have a scene where Spock enters the EVA suit storage and nerve pinches the crewman on duty. Because Kirk is putting on an EVA suit in the deleted scene and disappears behind a pressure door, everyone assumes this location to be in close proximity to the airlock we saw on the port underside of the saucer.

The other night I paid closer attention to the writing on the control console.
What's up with "ELEV(ator) TRAVEL UP or D(ow)N" ?!?

Do they board an elevator that gets them to the airlock or was that console a candidate to be used in the later scene with the personnel lift / elevator hatch on top.

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