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Re: What next for Section 31? [SPOILERS]

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You must be referring to the claim that Churchill let Coventry be bombed to avoid exposing an intelligence asset. That's actually a myth that didn't arise until 1974 and has been discredited.

Section 31 is an unsanctioned, extralegal cabal within Starfleet. It's essentially a criminal organization, a conspiracy in the ranks.
Thank you for this information. I will take the time to read the cited sources. In the meantime, I’m putting “on hold” the argument about the “possibility” that civilians or even soldiers of the same side were sacrificed for a greater tactical good because I concede there's a fault in my argument: Section 31 is not a government sanctioned like the Tal Shiar, the Obsidian Order, the CIA, the KGB, etc.

Now, do I think it’s heading to its fall? No.
The 2007 ENT novel The Good That Men Do by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels established explicitly that by the early 25th Century, Section 31 has been exposed, its members brought to justice, its assets seized by the government, its secrets released to the public, and the organization itself dissolved.
We have no proof that the entirety of the organisation is so exposed: Jake and Nog could just be very naive? Unless it really is just L'Haan and the others from A Time To..., as readers we have no idea how large or small, how cellular an organisation, 31 is. It certainly doesn't seem to be centralised, unless L'Haan is that centre.
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