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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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The Federation was also in the midst of the most costly war it had ever experienced; it's not entirely surprising if they made some moral sacrifices along the way.
Which I think was the point. There are several lines of dialogue in the film suggesting how dire the situation has become due to the war with the Dominion. That the Federation would even consider aligning itself with the Son'a shows how badly they needed another ally. The irony was that the Son'a were in bed with the Dominion at the same time.

On some level I do wonder just how bad things 'got' that the Federation would sell out it's morals to a group so obviously bad as the Son'a. I know DS9 did touch on it slightly, it was certainly a dark time for the Federation. But it'd be interesting to see some the ramifications of that war. Were there Federation member worlds for example who actually seceded from the Federation? If enough of member worlds basically said "No, we understand the need to take these measures against the Dominion threat, but we do not support them" and they formally handed back their Federation membership cards, then I could understand how the Federation would be forced to court the likes of the Son'a. They'd need all the help they can get.

But that's the only scenario I can imagine that happening in. If they had any other option available to them, I just don't buy it as believable that they'd fall in with the Son'a, given that the Son'a are drawn in the movie as being such genuinely nasty guys (and unashamedly so).

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Or they could have made the Baku more likeable.

I just thought they were smug bastards and had no sympathy for them.

I just thought of the more likeable pre-Warp civilsations that Picard let perish over the years and the American Indians he moved from their spiritual home on orders from Starfleet

Oh, totally agree. The Baku were assholes as well, though not intergalactically so (by choice).
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