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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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I guess The Governor is the one feeding rats to the Walkers at the fence.
So you're saying he snuck in to feed the walkers from the other side of the fence? Nah, I still think it was the little girl. Especially after tonight's episode.
Yeah, I forgot that the Walkers were being fed from INSIDE the prison. I still don't think it was the girl and more likely a mole.

Also of note, the prison is very much less secure with the loss of part of the outer fence and part of the dog-run.

TREK_GOD, this is getting tedious, your anti-Rick hard-on. There's a vast, vast, VAST difference between Carol euthanizing the still living (presumably without their permission) and the group killing the dead before they turn. Burning the bodies may be SOP for Walkers or just the dead in general if they have no surviving loved ones/family/friends. Hell, Karen was burned and she STILL got a grave since they apparently cannot generate the heat needed to completely reduce a body to ash.

If Carol has said that Karen and... Dave? Had died and THEN she killed them before they turned that'd be different, but she never said that, and she likely would have said something period. She clearly killed them and then burned the evidence in an ill-conceived plan to stop the spread the disease which was already in the open and had likely already infected people as anyone who understands how diseases spread would know.

In this episode we see characters (mostly the Red-Shirts, or I guess in TWD the gray-shirts) in the advanced stages of the worst parts of the disease coughing, hemorrhaging from the eyes and mouth/nose and people weren't put-down until they had actually DIED. And even then, seemingly, after revival couldn't be accomplished (as Glenn tried CPR on the guy he was watching died.) Carol said, "fuck these guys!" and killed them. That's fucking COLD.

Back to the episode...

I really liked the focus on Hershel in this episode and seeing some shreds of his humanity and religion still being there. It makes sense he'd be reluctant to kill people who died from the disease (he's likely come back from the darker place he was at the end of Season 2, and there's a difference between killing the Walkers in the herd that invaded the farm and preemptively "killing" people he knew and who had just died.) It also seemed, to some degree, with The Bible he was giving them Last Rights, I also wonder if maybe this episode didn't make HIM lose hope a bit as he turned The Bible away at the end.

It does seem Hershel largely agrees with what Rick did re:Carol, but this makes sense as Hershel likely still trusts Rick and sees him as a de-facto leader, even if he's adjudicated. Though I doubt Daryl will be as understanding.

As for how long it took the group to get back, IIRC the veterinary school was about 70 miles or more away which would be an hour's drive, ideally. But that's on an open road on the most direct route.

Considering the direct route was blocked by the massive Walker horde they encountered two episodes ago, they were in a shitty van and not the Charger they started with and the roads haven't been maintained in almost two years, nor are they 100% clear the clinic group likely had to take another route to get back to the prison, one that took much longer to take. We also don't know entirely where the overlap or time-displacement is between the two episodes and Rick/Carol vs. the clinic group.

The Talking Dead was really good this week, as expected Adam Savage made for a great guest.
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