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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Berman Trek Magic Blood.

The Doctor pronounces Neelix dead, but Seven proposes a revival procedure using nanoprobes from her bloodstream. After discussing it with the Doctor and Captain Janeway, Janeway orders the Doctor to proceed, even though Neelix has been dead for 18 hours. Seven quickly modifies and administers the nanoprobes, they proceed, and after some touch and go, Neelix is revived. He has no recollection of what happened and where he has been and wonders why he is in sickbay.
Gee that sounds familiar. Like I saw it in a movie recently.
Nanoprobes, not blood.
So, abracadabra instead of hocus pocus, or Walla Walla, Washington.
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