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Re: Maybe they should’ve used the Borg for Nemesis

Believe it or not people aren't so collectively stupid they can't figure out who someone is just because they haven't watched all the material they've appeared in.

I watched ST3 before I watched most of TOS... I was still able to figure out who Sarek was.

Not that I'm a big fan of the proposed storyline. There was nothing wrong with using Romulans as the villains.... except that's really not what they did in Nemesis. You want a Romulan villain, have Tomalak, who was disgraced by his lost encounters with Picard, despite a sterling record in the Dominion war was refused promotion, and leads a military coup against the government.

Then you have a villain that has a real motive against Picard and the Federation, with some backstory, while not overwhelming to a newcomer, that would enhance the characterization.
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