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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
It would help to know who we are talking about, and what role he or she played in both Phase II and the actual TMP. Not to mention, it would help to know what actually transpired between this person and Harlan Ellison.
IF I find the other reference to this, I promise to post it. If the person's name isn't given, I can't conjure it up.

BrownShatner wrote: View Post
"Captain Picard had a medical procedure and now he's a younger guy with a different personality." Not going to work.
"Captain Kirk had a temporal procedure and now he's a younger guy with a different personality." Well, it doesn't work for me, but evidently it works for some people.

bbjeg wrote: View Post
With minor alterations, Star Trek could be a prequel to Star Wars.
Star Wars happened "a long time ago in a galaxy far away" (or somesuch). That doesn't sound like "fairly close to Earth, 200 years from now".

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
teacake wrote: View Post
This time in JJ-ourney to Babel it's a very young Perrin or perhaps her mother? At Sarek's side.

I claimed Journey to Babel might need heavy rewriting, due to Amanda's absence, but that's probably an exaggeration. I've got it: Uhura slaps Spock. There, I did it.

Even Spock placing his duty to the ship above his duty to his father, because he thinks it's the right thing to do, and not to mention what his father expects of him, that doesn't seem out of character for nuSpock.
Except nuUhura would whine about it, and make it all about her. Why would she care if nuSarek died?
"Let's give it to Riker. He'll eat anything!"

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