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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

It seems like my watching of season 3 fourteen years ago was sporadic, while season 4 I must have done a better job of keeping up with it, because I'm recognising far more here.

A serial killer hologram program. Pretty good. Especially helped by an amazing performance. I like it's portrayed as what would happen to the Doctor if the crew didn't turn around their opinion of them.

The Raven
I think this examination of Seven's back story is a bit soon. Not just that she's only just joined the crew, but also there's absolutely no one questioning how The Raven got some 60,000 light years from where it was last seen. That's a pretty big question for Janeway that just never even gets brought up. Non answer I can cope with, but not even asking it is unbelievable.
Despite the timing, the actual story itself is fine. The idea that her implants pick up the signal, and it's immediately Borg because to her Borg is family is great. Seven's even more dramatic recursion to a child-like state when faced with her family's death was really well done

Scientific Method
I liked it, neat idea, someone clandestinely conducting experiments on the crew. Though the out of phase thing feels a little over-familiar, did Voyager over-rely on that trope or is it just me?
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