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Re: TNG Caption This! 332: Moving Mountains

Picard (singing): Today I don't feel like doin' anything...
Riker (thinking): I *really* wish Starfleet Command would consider blocking YouTube!

Worf: Congratulations, you have succeeded in your quest and have returned with the fleece of the rare albino targ. As your reward, please accept these 200 darseks and 1500 XP.

Yar: Captain! Come see this! Quickly!
Picard: What is it, lieutenant? Navigational hazard? Enemy warship? Subspace anomaly?
Yar: No sir! This odometer's about to roll back over to all zeroes!

Worf: Commander! A hostile military force appears to have infiltrated our computer! Our hard drive is being read by somebody called General Protection Fault!
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