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Re: My thoughts on DS9

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Martok - he was great. A man of honour and bravery. Very fond of the blood wine.
I think he was a perfect example of what Klingon honour should be about. Most of the time "honour" was written to be about a bunch of Klingons acting like barbarians for the lulz.
What was the episode where Nog stood up to him and he showed him respect for that? That typifies the character of Martok to me as showing true honour. Klingons that beat up Ferengi are nothing but bullies!

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Kira - I hated pretty much every story with her and the Bajorans. I liked it best how Dukat summed them up, but cannot remember the exact phrase. I repeatedly wanted her to die whenever she was in a dangerous situation.
I hated her the first time around. This time i'm kind of more neutral to her. I hate the way she is written (angry butch female with chip on her shoulder), and Nana Visitor gives the character absolutely no layers of subtlety that I can remember.

She has mellowed out form Season 1 though.
I can certainly empathise with this viewpoint of Kira. I too found her one-dimensional and angry at everything just for the sake of being angry during the first couple of episodes. However, I feel she evolved into one of the best and deepest characters.
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