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If we're talking about an alien biosphere, orders like primates or families like felids would be rendered nearly meaningless to begin with. There won't be primates, there won't be fish or birds for reasons similar to why a dolphin is not a fish and a bat is not a bird. The dolphins might have fins and look like fish, but they aren't genetically related to be ones. On another world nothing is genetically related to anything on ours, so nothing is ever a fish. If something is dead similar, you might have xenofish or something, but unless convergent evolution is a very real and an all-encompassing phenomena, the clads on the alien world would be totally unlike ours, so you wouldn't even be able to draw parallels.

On the other hand, convergent evolution with respect to specific traits and general appearance seems to be a thing, at least to an extent, even within our biosphere where you have huge variation between relatives, and at the same time similarity between very distant branches. We've mistaken the evolutionary link between species more than once – we mistook dolphins for fish, and never realized chimpanzees were our closest cousins. So if something that looks human evolved from a cat and not a primate I wouldn't be at all surprised. There's no specific reason why a cat can't evolve into something naked, with human posture, real arms with hands, and feet suitable for walking upright.

But yeah, I share your opinion that they made them too human for that to be believable if you're going to be too strict, but at the same time they gave them enough non-human features for the casual watcher to feel they aren't. Works for me.

What I can't get is why creatures that aren't mammals (yeah, they aren't) have boobs. And then people complain about Carol Marcus' underwear. She's human, nothing so surprising about her body to see there!
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