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Re: What's In A Name?

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Andromeda makes me think of the Kevin Sorbo show.
Destiny was my first impulse, but there's a Galaxy class ship of the same name.
Endeavor and Odyssey were also referred to as ships in the various series.
Sojourner immediately reminds me of Sojourner Truth, an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist.
Venture was my second choice after realizing Destiny was taken.

I didn't check out the others, but of them I like Wayfarer.

So I'm going to say Venture.
That's what I've been having issues with, names that I like are already taken by other ships. Then again this is set in 2377 a couple years after we last heard of some of them, so whose to say they survived the Dominion War (the last U.S.S. Odyssey didn't survive their Jem'Hadar encounter).
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