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Re: Star Trek: (Unnamed Project) - Crossroads

admiralelm11 wrote: View Post
The Andromeda Galaxy? I think you've gt the start of something good here, Bry.
Why thank you. Every so often someone raises the point about how they'd want a new Trek series to explore Andromeda, if they ever went that way then (personally) something similar to this is how I'd like to see it happen. I might take it a little further, maybe give all the other main characters a proper introduction (I think I've at least named all but one of them).

CeJay wrote: View Post
Didn't see that coming but I like it. It's Voyager all over again but this time ... it's different. With a mostly untested crew on an alien ship in unknown space, this would make for a fun little series as these guys try to figure out a way back and on their way discover truly new and alien life unlike anything we've seen before.

I'd read that.

Well done.
Thank you CeJay. I did worry about it being a little too Voyager-esque, but thought that the different aspects I based mine on would help set it apart. This would be a crew that would struggle to begin with though, not only do they have to find supplies but they also have to figure out how to work the ship. All the strange alien life-forms they will encounter does present some great fodder to just cut loose and make them weird and wonderful as possible.

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
I agree with those above, this seems an inspired mix of Voyager and Stargate Universe... a crew stranded far from home aboard an alien ship that doubtless harbors many mysteries and dangers itself.

And then there's a whole other galaxy out there, presumably one not seeded with humanoid forms by the Preservers. Who knows what adventures await these intrepid explorers?

Great stuff!
I was actually mainly inspired by SGU, after catching several episodes and finding it an interesting premise, so this is my little experiment with something similar though just done in a more Trek-like way.

The builders of the ship are bipedal humanoids, but they will definitely be in the minority, then there's the chance of visiting the Kelvan homeworld.
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