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Re: TNG Caption This! 332: Moving Mountains

``Um not Betazeds, not Bolians The Buggles? OK, I give up, Number One what do you spy with your little eye that starts with a `B'?''

Hey, in the far right of the screen there --- when did Wolverine join the Enterprise crew?

``Very good, Lieutenant, and your hand position and fingering are considerably improved. Now, let's increase the tempo by four beats per minute and see how you do on `Jingle Bells'. Then we'll practice your intervals and do a few minutes of arpeggio and don't neglect your foot-pedal work.''

``Geordi --- Commander Data is growing considerably in size!''
``Worf, I've told you this before, he's not bigger, he's just nearer the camera than we are.''

``And what do the pie charts on the console behind us represent?''
``They record the ship's last known charting of pies, sir.''
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