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I just checked the scene in question on the DVD, and Kirk is still wearing captain's insignia at the meeting.
Thanks for checking Avro Arrow, so it seems he didn't have time for a uniform change or he was still Captain as Spock believed. But Kirk specifically corrected him and seemed to be ok when Spock called him Commander.

Was Spock wearing the right insignia in that scene? Guess it's all moot as Marcus obviously reversed the demotion, but it'd be nice to get confirmation that the demotion occurred!
Spock was wearing a full commander's insignia. As Hartzilla2007 mentioned, Spock wasn't actually demoted, so this insignia was correct.

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That he is demoted to executive officer of Enterprise is beyond doubt.

Although he acknowledges that his 'official' rank in that position is Commander, as Pike has been made Captain of the Enterprise again, maybe that doesn't necessarily mean that his actual rank takes a hit. Maybe he can still technically be a Captain and yet also be an XO/Commander. His "spoken rank" is really only reflective of his position aboard the ship, at least for the 20 seconds that Pike has resumed the Captaincy anyway.
Pike was still wearing admiral's insignia at the meeting, too. We really don't know if they demoted Pike to captain, or were just going to have him command the Enterprise but retain his admiral rank. They technically could take away Kirk's command and still leave him ranked as a captain. But then why would Kirk correct Spock when Spock called him "captain"?

Interestingly, Spock is the only one that calls Kirk "Commander", and only after Kirk tells him to not call him captain. Pike and Marcus both speak to Kirk during the meeting, but neither refer to his rank.

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Since Kirk presumably walked right out of Starfleet after being bumped back to the academy, then went straight from the bar to the emergency meeting, he didn't have time to requisition a new uniform.
Well, he went somewhere between the bar and the meeting, because he was wearing civilian clothes in the bar. (Pike specifically told him to "suit up".) But yeah, you're right that he probably just grabbed the uniform he had available and didn't have time to requisition a new one.

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The Abramsverse seems a bit cavalier about rank, though
Yeah, this is true.
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