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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I just downloaded the game today.
Someone elsewhere on the forums recommended I wait a few days to start playing due to some kind of new upgrade.
Is there anywhere I can go for a primer of FAQ for the game? I didn't see one on the offical site.
Some of my basic questions you guys can probably help me with. I'm pretty ignorant about how this game worked as I've never played a massive online game before.
Do I start at the begining of the game and work my way thru the storyline or do I get thrown into the current episode? I'd like to be able to play all the episodes if I can.
Do I have to make just one crew, or can I have a Federation crew and a Romulan crew?
Is there any guidelines to follow on how to build my crew? I'm pretty excited about being able to create my own captain and crew, that seems like a lot of fun.
I'm also not sure how the store works. I have a general idea that I get basics and have to pay for extras. I got the impression somewhere that I have to pay to get a released Borg crew member, which seems pretty cool. I am a bit wary of paying for stuff like that. I'd be fine with buying an actual physical game that I can hold in my hands and play whenever I want forever, but paying for digital content that I don't feel confident I can keep "forever" seems a little wonky to me.
Thanks for any help!
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