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Re: How common are five year missions?

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After all, nobody's saying it was the only ship that ever went on a 5YM, just that 5YMs aren't the only type of mission in existence.
The makers of NuTrek seem to think otherwise.
No, they're saying that it's one of the first ships that will be assigned to such a mission. Remember, the new movies are set nearly a decade before TOS. They're prequels, in a sense, meant to look back and show the beginnings of the status quo we knew from TOS, even if it's an alternative version of that status quo. Just because it's doing something that's a novelty as of 2259-60, that doesn't mean it's the only ship that will ever do it.

I would have no problem with its being just one of a variety of mission profiles, but I actually don't think that's been the major trend in depicting it after TOS went off the air.
It's never been depicted one way or the other in any canonical source; all we actually know is that the Enterprise had at least one 5-year mission, and beyond that it's a mystery. As for tie-in books, if anything, the tendency has been to portray 5-year missions as the default. For instance, many novels and comics have assumed that the E went on another 5YM after ST:TMP.

It's only in the past decade that I've seen the "one of many mission profiles" idea emerge, and not so much in formal tie-in literature as in discussions on this bulletin board. And if you're claiming that the trend is to portray the Enterprise as the only ship that ever went on a 5-year mission, then you're going to have to cite some sources, because I have never heard any such claim anywhere that I'm aware of. Really, the issue rarely comes up at all, which is why there are so many ambiguities about it.
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