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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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I have no objections to Netflix going a more adult route, but that doesn't seem appropriate for Marvel-universe shows. Granted, characters like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have been featured in Marvel's adult-oriented line, but I think the film and TV franchise are geared toward a more general audience, including younger viewers, and I see no reason to change that. If anything, comics today have become too adult-oriented for their own good. It was fine when they were trying to prove that comics could be accessible to adults and weren't just the kid stuff they were stereotyped as, but I think they ended up going too far in the opposite direction. If comics and superhero shows/films aren't accessible to children, where does the next generation of fans come from?
I agree with 100% of this post. I don't mind seeing some variation in between the different shows--some more gritty than others... but. Yeah.

But, I especially want to +1 to this post in regards to comics. I have a son now. And the idea of him reading Batman... no way. Not until he's like 15. Seriously, BATMAN. There was some stuff recently, I'm think of the Joker and what he did to his face... that I thought was a little over the top.
I agree too. I downloaded Comixology's free titles for young readers from DC as I do not want my son reading Batman or Detective. I like that Marvel has gone the more "general audience" route--the plots are serious but the violence is pretty lightweight. I have watched the Avengers, Thor, and Iron Man with my son and aside from a few moments of fright it was basically a cartoon for him. I will not let him watch Man of Steel or the Nolan's Batman because those are too intense. It's my judgment call, of course.
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