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Re: How common are five year missions?

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After all, nobody's saying it was the only ship that ever went on a 5YM, just that 5YMs aren't the only type of mission in existence.
The makers of NuTrek seem to think otherwise. I would have no problem with its being just one of a variety of mission profiles, but I actually don't think that's been the major trend in depicting it after TOS went off the air.

I mean, even TOS gives evidence that not all Connies are on 5-year missions all the time. Look at "Where No Man Has Gone Before." A mission out to the edge of the galaxy and beyond is something that would take months as a round-trip journey, and thus is likely to be a dedicated mission of its own rather than just something inserted into a 5-year tour.
Hard to draw many conclusions from that. Something like that should be a special mission of its own, perhaps, since it constitutes taking a major warship out of rotation for (likely) months at a time. OTOH it could just as easily have comprised an early part of the mission.

Melakon wrote:
Not all Constitution class ships can be on a 5-year mission, as 5 (including the Enterprise) are drafted into wargame exercises in "The Ultimate Computer".
I don't think a group of ships converging at a certain time says anything in particular about the length of their respective missions. Modern militaries carry out wargaming exercises as part of their normal operations. Seems to me the likeliest analogy for the Connies occasionally congregating were military exercises like Operation Strikeback.
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