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Re: RoboCop: TV show + Prime Directives... Anyone seen it?

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The TV series was actually surprisingly good. I mean yes the violence and language was really toned down...
As they should have been. Despite the violence of the original film, RoboCop was always a very popular character with children. This series was in syndication on commercial TV, so there was no way to prevent children from watching it. Given that, it would've been irresponsible not to make it suitable for young viewers.

, they added the obligatory annoying brat character
Who was toned down a lot after the first few episodes. She appeared less often and went from being a knowitall who saved the day to a more innocent and vulnerable character who needed guidance and protection. Really, a lot about the show got better after the first bunch of episodes, as is the case with many shows.

and the magic hologram was a tad ridiculous for the setting
Are you referring to the character of Diana or specifically to the way she manifested herself holographically? The latter was a bit fanciful, but the former worked very well within the setting, because she was basically a kindred spirit to RoboCop, a person who'd been killed so their brain could be merged with a cybernetic device and whose consciousness survived and gained control over the programming.

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The Robocop TV series might have done a few interesting things with the character (my memory of it frankly isn't that good anymore), but I hardly remember anything happening that was as powerful or compelling as what happened in the original movie.
Well, weekly TV episodes are rarely as big or epic as feature films, since they can't shake up the status quo too much -- especially back then when shows were less serialized. But there were some pretty moving episodes in the back half of the season. And a single intense experience with a character or world isn't necessarily as satisfying in the long run as the chance to get to know that character and their world in greater depth over an extended period.
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