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The Main Trek Characters - where are they now? [MAJOR SPOILERS]


I don't follow the novel universe as avidly as others but I do catch up via Memory Beta, and I know things have changed quite dramatically in the Trek novel universe since Nemesis, which seems to be the most developed (STO and IDW's Hive have similar ideas but don't fit) with things such as new DS9, Kira as a Vedek, Data's resurrection, Voyager returning to the Delta Quadrant etc.

I watched all the Hidden Frontier fan films with mainly new characters, but what about our old friends?

Is there a summary of all the developments, maybe even a chart showing where everyone is, for example:

Picard: Still on the Enteprise, with Beverley
Tuvok: Tactical Officer; USS Titan

etc...? Memory Beta are very good with things like this, the book and character pages are relatively up to date, but is there something more direct?

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