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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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I am not saying they have to, just that they could.
Well. Now I'm confused. Because they could do LOTS of things. You seem to be advocating for them to be doing a specific thing, yet you aren't?

So, let me rephrase, sure, they COULD do that model of releasing once a week, but why would they? What would be the motive to change something that works well for them?
Sorry, I misunderstood. The reason I was arguing is that releasing episodes on a weekly basis could extend the dialogue around a show. For example, here on this board, every week we discuss the new comics or new episodes or whatever. Hemlock Grove never received an extended thread to keep the dialogue going on that show.
Yeah. That was a common complaint about the idea of releasing them all at once, the water cooler angle. But, that didn't stop the threads about Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Arrested Development in the the other part of the BBS. They were discussed at length.

I suspect Hemlock Grove didn't get an extended thread because it may not have been very good. That's what I heard anyway.

And just out and about in my circle, a lot of my friends were talking about Orange and Cards. "Have you seen it?" "Where are you?" Things like that.

So, actually, I don't think it limited conversation, more changed the nature of the discussion.

Theoretically, extending the dialogue around a show would serve to build the audience base as it gives more people a chance to hear about it. Releasing a season over thirteen weeks gives people twelve more weeks to hear about the show and thus more opportunities to attract new subscribers.
True. Two points.

1. I think there was dialogue around the show. "Did you see it?" "You gotta see it."

and 2. I don't think Netflix's business model is about attracting a viewer for a specific show--like a network. It's about getting them in--even if it's for a free month, enough time to watch all of a specific show--and letting them see how much content the subscriber would have available to them. In other words, they are more than happy to give away a whole meal (or two or three, etc.) if it means the customer will keep coming back again and again. It's not about A show, it's about access to ALL of their content--that's what they want people to buy. It's a different way of doing things.
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