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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

I love my Roku box - considering that with Time Warner Cable, they even have an app where you can watch some live channels on it too, so it's almost like having an extra 'free' cable box. Plus the fact that as new streaming services come around, typically they add a channel to it on the Roku - and the cheapest Roku can usually be found for about $50 bucks - about the price of a moderately cheap BluRay player and works with old non HDTVs, I sort of have mine hooked up to two screens - my 1080p computer monitor and a pair of speakers and then the analogue hook up to my old 20" tube tv. But yeah even the most basic of BluRays include a Netflix app.

So really Marvel can still provide a 'premium' channel set of tv shows but without people needing cable. I'd rather they have put it on Netflix and let it be more "showtime/hbo" quality with a little cussin' and nudity heh then have it be on Showtime or HBO and have to subscribe to that which costs more than Netflix does.
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