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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

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. As for dVd, again I still really doubt any Marvel netflix show will ever be on DVD, but honestly I'd still prefer they didn't exist if they are netflix exclusive, even if Marvel manages to get dVDs out of the shows. It sets a very bad precedent to have good shows debut on netflix.
I guess I'm just not understanding. Could you perhaps explain why you feel so very strongly this way? All evidence shows why you shouldn't and allay your concerns. Every single scripted series created for every pay tv channel/service in the US and abroad, has been released on disc for those who choose not to subscribe to those services. Studios want as much money as they can get, and will not reject making more by not making premium series available to all after the standard premiere 'window', or release period ends. House of Cards debuted in February. 10 months later, it came to disc. HBO's Game of Thrones ended it's season in June, it's disc release will be (tentatively) Feb 18. It debuted March 31-so that's close to 11 months before disc arrival.

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All of our DVD players we got for around 10-20 dollars, and I don't know what a BD player is. If you mean bluray player, our PS3 is the only one, and I only got that because I got a lot of money from family when I graduated high school. We won't be getting bluray players by themselves until DVD is dead and bluray players have gotten dirt cheap like DVD players eventually did (we don't even have an hd-tv, why would we have a bluray player?). I'd love to have netflix, it sounds cool. Its just not possible because we can't pay them the way they want and none of the ways of streaming it to tv are affordable.

Its like what I was saying about tv. Unless stuff like netflix can be as easy as cable (just hook into your tv from a pug in and go) and don't require credit cards people like my family will never be able to get it.
You can find good condition used or refurbished blu ray players cheap, on ebay or Amazon. Roku boxes, and another streaming box called WD TV Live, can be found there as well for around $60. Both of those are wifi capable, so you won't need to run ethernet cables if your router is located where your tv /PS3 is.

It really is easy to obtain Netflix for anyone that already had broadband internet service. Trust us, we wouldn't lead you on.
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