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Re: Commodores in command of Starships?

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I think Stocker was an exception due to an emergency situation, he had never commanded a ship and it is implied that is outside his normal career specialty.
Stocker taking command still irritates me. Despite his rank, he was in no way qualified to command a starship. And when he decided to take a "shortcut" through the Neutral Zone, he should have been certified batshit crazy. There were plenty of officers unaffected by the aging disease -- Sulu, Uhura, hell even Chekov -- who were better suited to take command. If Stocker were not focused on his own selfish needs, he could have recognized that and put one of them in command.

Side note: Decker would not be "master" of Constellation, that term applies to captains of merchant ships.
Perhaps that usage has changed by the 23rd century, though. After all, in his log at the beginning of TUC as commanding officer of the Excelsior, Sulu refers to himself as "master of this vessel."

That is correct. The relationship between an admiral and the captain of a flagship, in theory, is supposed to be the same as with any other captain of the command. The admiral and the staff live, eat and work apart from the ship's personnel, and the admiral gives the captain the courtesy of notifying him in advance if he wants to leave flag country and enter the rest of the ship. As you say, not great for dramatic interplay.
But that is, as you say, a "courtesy." If an admiral -- say an obsessed admiral like Kirk at the beginning of TMP, for example -- wanted to throw his weight around, is there any reason he couldn't just stroll onto the bridge and issue orders?
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