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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

24 issues (28 including specials) and all they gave me is crumbs.

He's a young offender from the future. The past is his green room while they're figuring out what to do with him. At least that's what was said early on... Then around issue 20 something he's a terrorist/freedom fighter who tried to save his colony from the oppression of Earth and got stomped on.

The NYPD cop chasing the Titans because of all the millions of dollars of property damage they seem to cause, also turned out to be a time traveller hersself who knew exactly who Bart was... But her invovlement got phased out for some unknown reason.

In the future his name isn't even Bart Allen, it's Bar Tor, so Kid Flash may not even be the Flash's grandson, which just makes him some random asshole instead of a third generation legacy.

They must know that as long as they don't explain it well or completely, people will keep buying this book because until Robin started man whoring it through the team like a latter day Fonzie (Which was quickly explained away by red glowing eyes as Trigon roofying him into a creep to break up the teamm and take over the world.) it's all pretty weak.
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